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Durgapur SD Hospital ranshaked after new born baby disappeared!

On Monday a new born baby got lost from Durgapur SD Hospital.

According to the sources, a lady named Papia Bibi gave birth to a boy on Monday morning 6AM.

According to Papia Bibi, a nurse took her child to give him polio vaccine. 

After that she never got him back.

Even after a day, as the officials were still not able to found the child, his family members ranshaked Durgapur SD Hospital and even beat some of the nurses.

Immediately combat forces were deployed headed by ACP Bimal Kumar Mondal.

According to the sources, the CCTV cameras were also not working and therefore no footage can be obtained from it.

The police is trying it’s best to get a clue to trace the child. The nurses are being interrogated.

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