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Durgapur Steel Plant starts vaccination drive

Durgapur: Many organizations, both private as well as PSUs, all across India have already started vaccination drives for their employees.


Now, Durgapur Steel Plant, on Monday, started a vaccination drive for its employees and their family members.

Anyone working at Durgapur Steel Plant can get themselves and their family members registered through the company’s internal portal from their respective departments.

The registrations for this vaccination drive were opened a few weeks back, as informed by the authorities.

More than 2000 people has already been vaccinated in the last three days, according to news sources.

DSP is carrying out this vaccination drive at DIV School, B-Zone, in collaboration with two private hospitals of Durgapur.


According to sources, both doses of vaccine are completely free of charge. As of now, only the first dose of the vaccine is being given.

A few days back Durgapur Steel Plant also inaugurated a jumbo COVID care center near DSP main gate.

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