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Durgapur water scarcity

Durgapur Water Scarcity: Thursday or Friday? – When will it be normal again?

Durgapur: As the Durgapur Barrage was emptied due to repair work, huge drinking water scarcity can be seen in almost all parts of Durgapur according to sources.

Residents of Durgapur went to social media to complain about this scarcity of water in their area and also about the limited water supplied.

We posted on our social media page asking about the problem with drinking water in various areas of Durgapur.

Though some said that they have received water supply once or twice, the majority of the people said that there is still no supply of drinkable water in their area, and for those reasons, they have forced to buy drinkable water at higher rates.

These areas include many parts of City Center, Benachity, Bidhannagar, and Durgapur 01.

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Water pouches were also distributed in many areas.

The scarcity of water has also affected electricity generation in Durgapur. One unit of DPL was shut down due to a shortage of water. Although the authorities have assured that there will be no major issues due to this.

Production of many other industries in Durgapur was also limited due to this water scarcity.

After about 100 hours, the main repair work of Durgapur Barrage gate no.31 has finally started today, on 4th November morning.

Yesterday night, the construction of the barricade was completed and some basic repair work was done but due to some issues, the repair work cannot be started.

Today morning, after getting the final green signal from the irrigation department, the repair work of Durgapur Barrage started and is now going on in full swing.

The authorities have said it will take about 20-26 hours for the work to be completed and another 6-7 hours to get Durgapur Barrage fully filled.

So it is expected that the water scarcity for the people of Durgapur might be over by Thursday night or Friday morning.

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