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Culture and Tradition of Durgapur

The city of Durgapur is located in the district of Bardhaman, which is in the state of West Bengal. Therefore Durgapur is largely predominant in Bengali culture, as in the other parts of the state. The culture is steeped in rich music, literature, movies, and of course delicious and mouth-watering cuisine.

Religion of Durgapur

Like the other places in West Bengal, Durgapur has people of many religions. However, Hindus and Muslims form a greater part of the population. People of other religions include the Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, and Christians, though they are considered as the minority communities of the state.


Cuisine of Durgapur

Bengali Cuisine Though all types of food are available in Durgapur, starting from continental to Moghlai and Chinese, it is Bengali cuisine that is eaten in every household there. The Bengali food consists of mainly rice and fish, which is considered to be their staple diet.

Food is mainly cooked in mustard oil and most Bengali ladies spend most part of their days in the kitchen, preparing delicious culinary delights, which may be either a spicy curry or a sweet dish. Bengalis are a food-loving people and relish different kinds of fish items every day.

Also, the sweet-toothed Bengalis can’t do without sweets and have a great variety of desserts to choose from. The Bengali sweetmeat Rasgollas, are popular not only in West Bengal but all over the country. Sweet curd is another favorite of the people here and is both, made at home or available in the sweet shops.

Costumes of Durgapur

Sari is the most common attire worn by women in Durgapur and all other parts of the state. The most common fabric for a sari is either cotton or silk. It is worn in a typically traditional Bengali style, though these days, women wear it in the conventional method which is the style that is universally followed by all ladies in the country.


Other than saris, the other most common outfit for women is the salwar kameez, which is most common in towns and cities. In modern cities like Durgapur, you can also find youngsters in the western outfit, of jeans and T-shirts.

The Traditional Bengali attire for men is the Dhoti and Punjabi, which is only worn during festivals these days. Men otherwise wear shirts and pants in their everyday life.

Languages Spoken in Durgapur

In the city of Durgapur, Bengali is the most common language spoken in and around the region. Also, Hindi and English are widely spoken and understood mostly by the younger generation.