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FAKE video went viral in Whatsapp!

A fake video of a water tank collapsing and getting destroyed went viral on Whatsapp. (See video Below)

People started claiming that it happened on Tilak road. Some claimed that it happened in Muchipara.

It started causing a lot of tensions and panic in Durgapur. Some even started blaming the poor construction and DMC.

We saw the video and found the location doesn’t match to any place in Durgapur. So we at Beauty of Durgapur did some research and found that the video is actually of a place in Muzaffarpur.

The video was copied from youtube and someone spread the video on Whatsapp saying that it’s of Durgapur.

In the video, a water tank collapsed and got destroyed. According to the news, the reason behind the collapsing is excessive rain in the area. But the video has no connection with Durgapur at all.

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The original link from where the video was copied:

People nowadays are spreading a lot of rumors via Whatsapp. Please crosscheck everything before forwarding as it can cause panic and tensions at times.

So, share this news and make people aware of it. And if you find the video anywhere on social media, don’t share it. Stop spreading the rumor.

Watch the video:

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