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Dpl blast

Huge explosion at DPL Durgapur takes life of one

Durgapur: On Tuesday morning at around 11 AM, a huge explosion took place at Durgapur Project limited taking the life of one.

According to sources, at around 11 AM in the morning, the sound of a huge explosion was heard near the Construction gate area of DPL.

When the workers rushed to the area, they found a Security guard severely injured, lying on the ground.

A few meters from there, they found the body of contractor labour named Omprakash Chowhan, blown away due to the explosion.

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The security guard was rescued and was rushed to the hospital. The police was informed immediately.

The police from the Coke Oven police station is currently investigating the incident to find out the reason behind such an explosion inside DPL.

Also, in another news, unit no.7 of DPL was shut down temporarily due to water shortage caused due to the repairing of gate no. 31 of Durgapur Barrage.

However the administration have assured that this will not effect the electricity supply from DPL.

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