Huge fire at Durgapur Steel Plant

Huge fire at Durgapur Steel Plant

Durgapur: On 3rd October around 7PM, a huge fire broke out at the Wheel and Axel department of Durgapur Steel Plant.

The fire started at the Forge section of Wheel and Axel department, according to the sources.

The fire department came to the spot and brought the fire under control in 30-40minutues.

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The exact reason, how the fire started is not known. The employees working in the department speculates many reasons because of which the fire might have started.

According to sources, noone was injured in the fire.

They also raise demands to form a sectional safety committee. They said, this might help in fast solution of safety related problems in various departments in Durgapur Steel Plant.

A few weeks back, another incident of huge fire took place at Durgapur Steel Plant. A gas pipeline near blast furnace of the plant leaked and it caught fire.

At that time it took 9 engines brought the fire under control after working for about 2hours.

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