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Illegal Hookah Bars in the city!

In the shade of tea and coffee, illegal hookah bars are running in full swing and the city council will soon be taking steps.

Teenagers are going there and getting addicted. The hookah bar officials are giving them the chance to have the drugs for their profit though they know very well that it is illegal to give teenagers addictive stuff.

That’s why sub-division administration is taking necessary steps to those illegal hookah bars. The sub-division official Sanka Santra said “SD commissioner and I am aware of that accusation against them. We have decided to run an investigation.”
Now some questions are arising that how hookah bars are running along with tea and coffee outlets in a shopping mall and also how they got the license to run the hookah bars.

Related to this DMC’s Trade Licence department‘s ex-mayor Madhusudan Mondal said ” We didn’t give any hookah license to anyone specifically. And as I am not in the position right now I can’t say anything more than this.”

Also, the manager of hookah bar couldn’t give a clear answer regarding having a proper license. Besides Durgapur, there are some other branches in some places says manager Kinkar Mallick. He said, “Apart from the hookah bars there is also a facility of tea and coffee along with hookah.”

The accusation is that different flavors of hookah water are mixed with drugs. Thus having hookah, leads to addiction and teenagers are on it all day.
Source: Eisamay

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