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Illegal hookah bars dgp

Illegal Hookah bars ordered to shut down in Durgapur

Durgapur: After a raid on 5 illegal Hookah Bars in the City Center and Bengal Ambuja areas of Durgapur on Friday, the Hookah Bars have been ordered to shut down operations by Durgapur Municipal Corporation.

According to sources, these hookah bars were given a license to operate a long time back. But after that, it was decided by Durgapur Municipal Corporation that these Hookah bars will no longer be allowed to operate in the city.

But even after the decision, they continued to remain open for the general public. Allegations have also been made that Alcohol and Dancing were also going on in some of them.

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After the raid, they were strictly ordered to shut down operations immediately until their licenses are properly scrutinized.

Allegations have been made that the license of most of these Hookah bars in Durgapur has not been renewed according to sources, but still, they are open for the public.

The raid on these Hookah Bars was carried out by the Mayor in Council of Durgapur Municipal Corporation, Sri Amitab Bandyopadhyay on Friday morning.

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