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indian browser

Is the Indian Browser really made in India? Know the truth!

Most of us use UC Browser as it is simple, consumes less space and internet data.

But as it is a Chinese App all users are being told to use “Indian Browser” instead of this, through Facebook and WhatsApp.

Everyone started downloading this browser whose icon is an “Indian” flag. It has been downloaded about a million times by now.

But is it really “Made in India?”

Basically, there is no relation, no news that it is an Indian app.

So we did our research to find out who is the developer of this App and this is what we found.

It has been made by Shahid Adewala in the United Arab Emirates. He is using Indian-Chinese products war and converting it into profit, earning lakhs of money from the app.

This is just a smart marketing technique that they are using to make millions of Indians install the app in the name of patriotism.

By installing the app, you are not only using a vernarable app but also helping someone take advantage of your patriotism.

You can see in the pictures that the address was given.

Indian browser

Real Address of the developer

But as the news keep spreading they deleted the information.

indian browser truth

Address removed


Stop being fooled by a Simple WhatsApp forward. Know the truth and then act. And if you don’t want to use a Chinese browser, simply use Google Chrome. It’s simple and fast.

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