Kill the demons within, this Bijaya!

Kill the demons within, this Bijaya!

While the constant thrill comes to a halt with the sailing away beats of Dhaak, enlisting the end of the much awaited celebrations of Bangla and Bangalis, Durga Puja.

The fun and the frolic tends to settle with the minimization of amusement as Maa Durga decides to return to her Home after a good, long stay with us here, in Earth. But while she decides to leave us waiting for another long period of a year, we are again prepared to fill some unsung dreams and aspirations.

But what about the emotions that flow within and around yourself while the divinity withdraws her Earthly presence!

This day of Dashami, which is commemorated as the Dahan of Ravaan and banishment of evil, domination of holy spirit over the same. While we kill the demon outside, how much we actually manage to fight and settle down the demon within? How far do we manage to bring out our desperations, talk out widely and openly about those minute things that kill us from within, disrupting every passage that leads to breathe. How much do you get to feel about stability and a fathomable depth while imagining your life up next?

When was the last time you could just dive in into your thoughts of irregularities and inconsistencies and come out without a patch or mark scratching your skin and bleeding you profusely?

When was the last time you accommodated feverish feelings within yourself and never let it cause an inch of turbulence to you and your existence?

When was the last time you fell and had a cushion behind to prevent percussions.

Did you feel anything other than wild desperations to flee from the usual horticulture of man made materialism?

Yeah you must be proud that you atleast thought of skipping this far from genuine rat race that kills you even when you emerge as the winner or a sufferer of the final lap. You have an option this Dashami to outcast your imagery and dark knots of awakenings and suppressions and let it flourish to wider spans of Destruction, a fight to destroy your evil.

That’s not easy and even carries no definite solution but you can try and evaluate that last lap which you might skip and spent the time sitting in the greenery instead. This be no end of celebration, as for a person fighting within, Festivity is just an occasion to fake few awkward smiles.

This be a start to accelerate your emotions and speak out and talk widely and openly about every shit thay matters.
Subho Bijaya!

Written by Raunak Nayak

About the author:

Kill the demons within, this Bijaya!

He hails from Durgapur and is an Electrical Engineering Graduate student at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. He is a St.Xavier’s School, Durgapur Alumni and later did his +2 in HemSheela Model School. An unresolved Psychedelic within finds it hard to find a way when lost. A traveler through the mist and an explorer in fog, he has dug down different reasons of Psychological Crisis and Effects. An expert writer for Fiction/Non-Fiction often indulges in writing scripts for Corporates. An Entrepreneur by heart is often seen sitting down with an idea and often reaching nowhere with it. Stagnant, resolute, stubborn yet subtle with Life and its Discords. A celebrated Quoran, a hater of Cheap Social Media Engagements, is mostly involved in clarifying doubts of Science and it’s Logic.


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