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Check Land records West Bengal

Check Land Records Of West Bengal Online 2024 – BanglarBhumi

The citizens of West Bengal can check their land records (‘Jomir Thotya’) online by name, Khatian number, or Dag number through the West Bengal Banglarbhumi portal.

The West Bengal government has made it easier to check your land records without visiting government offices or standing in long queues. It can be easily accessed online and can also be downloaded.


In the web portal, you can get land and plot information, the market value of land, request RoR, download ‘Jomir Porcha,’ and other online services.

In this article, you will get to know the following points related to searching and checking land records of West Bengal online:

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

West Bengal Land Records

wb land records
West Bengal Land Records Website

The West Bengal land records include information about a piece of land or property in West Bengal, India. It is a collection of details (both general and legal) related to any concerned land in a particular state in India.

This includes Khatian and Plot information, RS and LR information converting, Mouza Map, Jomir Porcha, and a lot of other information about a piece of land.

In West Bengal, the land records are maintained by the Land and Land Reforms Department of the Government of West Bengal.


Uses of West Bengal Land Records

You might need your West Bengal land records for the following reasons:

  1. To open an account in a bank.
  2. For several legal purposes regarding purchase property disputes.
  3. To verify land owners during property transactions.
  4. For land division.
  5. To check mutation status.
  6. To take a loan from financial institutions.
  7. For other personal reasons.

Banglarbhumi Portal for West Bengal Land Records online

Banglarbhumi Web Portal
Portal NameBanglar Bhumi
ObjectiveTo provide land records of West Bengal online
Launched byLand and Land Reforms Department, West Bengal

The Banglar Bhumi portal is an online web portal launched by the West Bengal government where you can get all the information related to a piece of land or property.

The website contains land records of the state of West Bengal. You can search these land records by name or Khatian number to get more details.


It also provides several services related to land and property. Various property-related or land-related forms are also available.

Services provided by the Banglarbhumi Portal

The Banglar Bhumi web portal provides various services related to land or property in West Bengal. The services can be obtained for issues related to land in all 23 districts of West Bengal.

However, you may not get the services in a few selected areas. The West Bengal government is working towards the same.

The services provided by the Banglarbhumi portal include,

  1. Khatian and Plot information
  2. RS and LR information
  3. Online Mutation Application and Payment
  4. Mutation Status Check
  5. ROR Request or Jomir Porcha download
  6. Mouza Information

To use these services, you must first register as a citizen on the Banglarbhumi portal.

Forms available on the Banglarbhumi Portal

The forms that you can download from the Banglarbhumi website are:

  1. Form 1(D): Application for post-facto conversion.
  2. Application for Mouza map (in Bengali and English).
  3. Affidavit for conversion (in English).
  4. Application for conversion (in Bengali and English).
  5. Mutation application (in Bengali and English).
  6. Declaration for mutation.
  7. Lease of tea garden in retained land.


Jomir Thotya or Banglar Bhumi App

JOMIR thotya app
Jomir Thotya App

The Jomir Thotya app is an Android app designed by the West Bengal Land and Land Reforms department to get land records of West Bengal on your mobile.

It is very similar to the Banglar Bhumi web portal. The app provides ‘Plot and Khaitan information’, case details, deed status, and lots more.

You can download the app from the link provided below:

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Disclaimer: The Information provided above is for educational purposes only. The images used are for representative purposes only.