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lesser known facts durgapur

Some Lesser Known Facts about Durgapur

We all know Durgapur as an important city in the industrial belt of West Bengal. But Durgapur as a city is more then just industries.

In this article, we will find out some lesser-known and interesting facts about the city of Durgapur, in West Bengal.

Common Facts about Durgapur

The steel city of Durgapur is the hub for education and health care facilities for this region.

Durgapur has many world-class hospitals and educational campuses churning out a fresh race of engineers every year.

In short, education and other infrastructural facilities are remarkable in this city. 

Apart from these, Durgapur also beholds some rare and untold facts that you’ll love to know about our city.

Some lesser-known facts about Durgapur 

Apart from its smoke emanating steel plants and the industrial revolution, Durgapur has some other intriguing facts of history embedded into its soil. The place has extracted the remains of prehistoric civilizations, some dating back to 5000 BC. 

Durgapur is one of the foremost planned cities of India.

Durgapur is the second most planned city in India. 

Durgapur is one of the foremost planned cities of India, second only to Chandigarh. The city was designed and planned by noted American architects.

It was the brain-child of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. 

You can know more about the History of Durgapur in this Article: How was Durgapur formed?

Libraries in Durgapur

The literary culture of Durgapur is also quite old. The city had many libraries to offer stock for avid readers.

They used to be stacked with Bengali, English, and Hindi literature works written by famous writers.

The oldest library was a British Council Library. It was a small library that was eventually closed during the course of time.

Apart from this, there were other prominent libraries like ESI Library and Subodh Library in Durgapur.

Much for reviving the literary culture of Bengal, isn’t it? 

Asian Highway passing through Durgapur 

Interestingly, Durgapur is one of the very rare cities in India having Asian Highway passing through it.

It has Asian Highway AH-1 connecting major Asian countries.

This highway connects Japan to Turkey via China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Afghanistan. 

ICD Depot in Durgapur 

Durgapur has the ICD which is the only and only inland port which is functional in Eastern India.

Allied ICD Services Limited is the custodian of this inland port called ICD Durgapur. 

It is the rarest in Eastern India.

Rare Historical Facts about Durgapur 

Durgapur is probably, the only steel plant or industrial township in India visited by the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II in 1961.

She visited the Durgapur Steel Plant along with her husband, Duke of Edinburgh.

It was a state visit that put Durgapur on the world map with people recognizing this place as fast-developing the city of India.

These are some of the interesting and rare facts about the famous city of Durgapur.

This large city of West Bengal has many landmarks in its industrial development and still, it amazes everyone with its easy charm and well-planned infrastructure. Rare to find in totality!

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