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Link Aadhar to mobile number from Home!

Now You can link Your Adhaar Number with your mobile Number Without Biometric verification means you can Link Your Aadhar number By just calling to a Number and Verify Adhaar Number using One-time-Password.

This is totally based on IVR and will take maximum 1 minute in completing the verification does not matter which company sim card you are using the Process and Dialing number are same For all Operators.

Documents Needed for Aadhar Card Link with Mobile Number!

  • Aadhaar Card Copy Of SIM Card Owner & Its Number
  • Switched ON Mobile With SIM Card
  • OTP You Receive During Process

Step by Step Process!

1.First of all, keep Your Adhaar Card Number and Registered mobile Number handy.

2.Now Dial a Number 14546 using Dialpad.

3.Once call Connected listen to all the instruction and Proceed.

4.You will be asked to Provide Your Aadhar Number.

5.Now verify Adhaar Number using OTP received on Mobile Number.

6.After Completing the process.You are Now linked your Aadhaar with your mobile number.

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