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Ma asche! Part 3!

The summers passed by, the scorching heat and the thermal waves have settled.

Gone are the days of kalbaisakhi and 4’O clock shower. The spongy clouds have just arrived, filling the sky with an enigmatic vision to see and admire and have brought along vivid sceneries.

The kaash ful and shiuli ful have started growing in enormous numbers filling the gardens of houses like beds of flowers and along with them have arrived the bliss of celebrating Maa’s arrival once again.

Though there are still a few days left, the amazing weather and the rising cosmos have already gathered pictures of people tuning the music of pomp for Puja, Durgapuja, or like Bangalis say Durgostov, ” sob utsov er shere”.

This year the huge crowds cannot be seen in the shops, shopping complexes, and malls around the Steel City for safety reasons, but Durgapur, in all its preparations, is ready to welcome the majestic Maa Durga.


“Maa Asche” Series written by Raunak Nayak

This is just part 3 of our E- Series “Maa Asche“. Please make sure to read the complete series.

About the author:

Ma asche! Part 3!

He resides in Durgapur and is presently an Under-Graduate student of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College in the field of Electrical Engineering. He is a St.Xavier’s School, Durgapur Alumni and later did his +2 in HemSheela Model School. He writes short tales, scribbles and loves to pen his thoughts in almost every occasion. He writes down the columns for Beauty of Durgapur and is highly experienced in Content Writing, Creative Writing, and Motivational Writeups. He is a budding Entrepreneur as well and is always searching for people who think alike. He is an orator, speaker, technology enthusiast and a true Durgapurian by heart. Stay connected for his upcoming contributions.

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