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Malaria in Asansol, One dead.

On Thursday, a person died due to Malaria in Asansol. His name was Suman Murmu(33).

According to the sources, he was a resident of 102 number ward of the Asansol Municipality.

He and his wife Sumitra Murmu fell ill a few days back and was admitted to the ECL Saktoria Hospital.

After diagnosis, the doctors found germs of Malaria in their blood.

On Thursday evening, unable with cope up with the disease, Suman Murmu died in the hospital. His wife is now in a critical condition.

After the incident, the Asansol municipality started the cleaning work of the area in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

Durgapur is also not safe and everyone should take proper precautions to prevent the spread of Malaria in the area.

DMC should also start the cleaning work in the city and take preventive measures in order to prevent the disease.

News Source: Aamarkatha

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