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One man drowned in Durgapur Canal

A man named Shiv Biswas drowned in the Durgapur Canal while taking a bath. The incident happened on Friday afternoon around 2 PM. As per the time of this update, the body was still not found.

His nephew Sukhdev Sarkar said that his uncle has a disease of losing consciousness often. Maybe he lost his consciousness and fell in the canal. He was a resident of Sukumar Nagar area of Durgapur Barrage.

He also complained that as the area was in between Bankura and Paschim Bardhaman district, there was confusion and delay from the police of Barjora and Coke oven PS. “If they would have come in time, we could have closed the barrage gates and my uncle could have been saved. The flow of water might have taken his body a long distance.”, he said.

The rescue operation is now going on from police of both the districts.


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