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Essar Energy stops methane supply to DSP, many industries to face problem!

Durgapur Steel Plant filed a case against Essar energy as they have stopped methane gas supply without giving prior notice. 

The steel plant claimed that Essar energy has broken the contract between them. 

Public-relation official of steel corporation said, ” To continue the production it has been decided to use factory’s coke oven gas as fuel of the furnace. Similarly alloy steel plant and graphite factory will use furnace oil.”

On the other side some private industries are going through hard time as they are experiencing lack of methane gas. 

These industries doest not have extra sources of fuel or any other alternatives.

So some of them decided to cease the production temporarily. More over a private steel industry in Kanksa has already been closed. 

Though officials of Essar energy are not moving an inch form their current decision. If the municipality does not help or take necessary steps the whole industrial belt will fall down and thousands of workers will be jobless.

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