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Mini Bus services may stop in Durgapur from 5th June!

Durgapur Sub division Mini Bus operator association had decided to stop the mini bus service in certain routes of Durgapur from 5th of June.

They said, they have sent letters many times to the Transportation minister requesting an increase in bus fares, but got no response. They are unwilling to bear any more losses.

They said they will wait till 4th June, if there is still no response from the government, they will close down bus services in some routes.

There are more then 200 buses under Durgapur Sub division Mini Bus operator association.

The members of the association said, “Forget about profit. By running the buses we don’t even raise enough money to pay the workers.

With the increase in the price of disel, machine parts, mobile, etc. it is getting difficult for us to maintain the routes in the same fare.”

Another mini bus association in Durgapur, The Durgapur mini bus passenger carrier association however had decided not to stop it’s services as of now.

They have decided to take 2₹ extra as donation from its passengers.

If the buses in this bus routes stop, many daily passengers are expented to face a lot of problems.

News source: Eisamay

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