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Mobiles worth 15 lakhs stolen from a shop in Benachity

Mobiles worth 15 lakhs stolen from a shop in Nachan Road, Benachity on Sunday night.

The News came out Monday morning after the nearby shop owners came and saw that the shutter of the mobile shop at Nachan Road, Benachity, Durgapur was broken.

They informed the shop owner Manju Bala, who came and saw that all the mobiles in the shop were gone. The whole shop was ransacked and everything in the shop was gone.

According to him, the approximate cost of the items stolen is 15 lakhs.

After getting the news, the police came to the spot to investigate the theft.

Upon investigation, they found that the employees of the shop had accidentally switched off the CCTV cameras while closing the shutter of the shop on Sunday night.

This raises high doubt that how can such a coincidence happened. A theft took place on the same night the CCTV cameras were accidentally turned off.

The thieves had also broken the CCTV cameras while ransacking the place.

The police, however, collected the CCTV footage from the nearby shops and have assured that the robbers will be captured shortly. They also mentioned that why the CCTV cameras were turned off the same night of the theft will be looked into.

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