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No entry for visitors inside Puja Pandals in West Bengal – High Court

Kolkata: In a recent announcement, the Calcutta High Court on Monday directed that all 34,000 Durga Puja pandals in the state must be made “No-Entry” zone for visitors.

All these pandals have to be barricaded in order to prevent large gatherings.

The court also said that a list of names of organizers has to be put up outside pandals. Only those whose names will be on the list can enter the pandals for puja-related works only.

In total, only 25 people will be allowed at a time inside the bigger pandals and 15 will be allowed inside the smaller ones, including organizers.

Among the details, the court stated that barricades have to be placed five meters beyond the entrance of the small pandals and 10 meters beyond the entrance of bigger pandals and it has to be demarcated as no-entry zones.

The announcement came just 3 days before the starting of West Bengal‘s biggest festival.

This descision was taken, keeping in mind the current situation and to prevent large gathering during this time.

Many Puja pandal committees across the state have already made arrangements for virtual ‘darshan’ this time, to reduce the physical entry of visitors.

Previously many guidelines were announced in Durgapur regarding the Durga Puja celebrations in the city. With the new declaration from the High Court, these guidelines might be changed.

Now only time will tell to how much extent, this new order will be followed by the general public.

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