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Aug notice dgp

No more local restrictions in Durgapur from this date

Durgapur: As the number of people affected in Durgapur increased, Durgapur Sub-divisional Authority had announced restrictions for hotels, restaurants, malls, shops, and markets to be opened.

Today, Sub Divisional Magistrate Anirban Koley has stated that they have decided to withdraw the local restrictions from 1st August 2020, throughout the jurisdiction of the Durgapur subdivision.

Though the local restrictions have been withdrawn, the complete lockdown all over the state, announced by honourable Chief Minister, Mamata Banarjee will be applicable on the announced dates.

He has stated that, the reason behind withdrawal of local restrictions is apparent improvement of the current scenario of COVID cases in Durgapur.

August notice durgapur

The graph of affected people has now come to a plateau phase.

Though the local restrictions have been withdrawn, all residents of Durgapur have been notified that proper protection and mask should be worn by them at all times, whenever they go out.

The people who will be seen in the roads without any proper precautions, strict action will be taken against them.

According to sources, in last 24 hours, 20 people have been admitted in Durgapur COVID Hospital.

Total 128 patients are still admitted in there and 34 individuals have been cured.

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