Reliving the Nostalgia that once had you, Durgapur!

Reliving the Nostalgia that once had you, Durgapur!

Durgapur has always been a place known for its authenticity in taste, culture, and observance of beloved brotherhood among all who stay here.

We are here today, enlisting few such memories of yours and your dear ones that would take you down a Trip of the LaLaLand.

To start off, we can hardly skip the very prominent structure of Anuradha Cinema Hall.

A bleak memory for few, but holds a garland of long-drawn moments for the rest. We need to jump to the other side of the road to remember frolic times of Rather Mela and try to figure out how many consecutive such Melas we have been while staring at the long laid ground at Rajiv Gandhi Mela Maidan.

We would snap out straight and drop our Location at Deer Park to remember the golden days of our Childhood while a distinct ride to the Mohan Kumar Mangalam Park would instantly give us vivid imageries of boating and stuff (read: Chilling).

We can’t obviously excuse Durgapur Cinema and Benachity Bazaar which are stern topographies in itself and hold the flag sharp and strong, and sings the hymn of “Durgapur, City Hard & Strong, Land of Labor and Toil”.

Bazaars are richness in Durgapur filled with every element right from ethnic commodities to upgraded exquisites.

A little scoop of some more memory must at least for once, trip you across the Durgapur Barrage which is the primary Picnic Joint for Families and Friends in Durgapur and Bankura.

Reliving the Nostalgia that once had you, Durgapur!
Credits: Flashlaaitt

When we are trying to mention all of the places that hold our memories to strongly clinch to them for years, we obviously can’t compromise on mentioning “Benachity Bazaar” and “Chandidas Market”. These two are pivotal and still stand as one of the most diligent ergonomic sources from where business in bulk is carried out.

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If we try and consider the viewpoint of economics a little less and ponder more on the legit memories it has in our lives, it would be all through the period that had our adolescence and upbringing.

Shops, market places, Sabji, and fruit Mandis name any of them and you happen to have a cosmos of the same bundling in these two places aligned with the A-Zone and B-Zone respectively.

Furthermore, a vivid nostalgia would also comprise of Chaturanga, just beside the Bidisha Apartments, in the cross vicinity of City Center.

This has been a major attraction during times of Durga Puja but otherwise, it has been a good and chill place to spend some time or probably sit and gossip for a while.

We would conclude our set of Freshly baked Nostalgia with a broad account for your list to fill up the same to its brim.

Till then, Happy Memories!!!

Written by: Raunak Nayak

Cover Pic Credits: Aakash Bhaskar

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