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Durgapur water supply delay

Not enough water in Durgapur Barrage – Water supply may get delayed

Durgapur: After the completion of the repair work of gate number 31 of Durgapur Barrage on 5th November late evening, water released from Panchet and Maithon Dams started filling up Durgapur Barrage.

But on 6th November morning, it was found that the water level has not risen enough to fill the feeder canal.

Unless and until enough water get stored in the Durgapur Barrage, the feeder canal will not receive enough water to be extracted for purification and supply to the residents of Durgapur.

Though previously the administration has stated that drinking water will be made available by Friday evening, according to news sources, there might be a delay in the water supply.

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According to the last update received at 10 AM, the Durgapur Barrage is almost half-filled and it might take till evening for it to be fully filled, after that the feeder canal will get filled up.

Then, water will be extracted from the feeder canal and will be supplied to the residents of Durgapur after purification.

The entire process might take till Friday late evening, so that water may get supplied on Friday late at night or Saturday morning.

According to sources, the administration is trying its best to make the supply of drinkable water as soon as possible.

Speculations are made that this delay in filling up of Durgapur Barrage might be due to the limited amount of water released from Maithon Dam.

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