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Allegations against Durgapur Hospital for hiding information of COVID patient

DURGAPUR: Hiding information of COVID patients by various hospital authority is not new.

The same case has happened yesterday at Durgapur Sub- divisional Hospital.

Allegations were made against the hospital authorities for hiding information about a COVID patient.

The nurses and doctors raised their voice against Hospital authorities and mainly against Hospital Super Debobrato Das for hiding information of a COVID patient in sensitive department like Neonatal department.

A pregnant woman was admitted in the hospital on 7th July.

Her nasopharyngeal swab sample was collected and sent for testing on the next day (8th July).

The woman delivered her new born baby on 13th July.

On the same day her report of COVID test came.

According to some sources, the doctors of Neonatal department asked about the woman’s report from the Assistant Super of the hospital.

But Assistant Super denied to discuss about the woman’s report.

Later, they checked the e-mail and came to know that that that woman tested COVID positive.

After that the nurses and doctors called for a strike.

According to them, Hospital Super tried to hide information about the woman in sensitive department like Neonatal department.

The woman was not shifted to COVID hospital even after 17 hours of getting report, pushing other patients, new-borns, doctors and nurses lives at stake.

Yesterday, the neonatal ward and rest of the hospital was sanitized.

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