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one more deputy magistrate

One more deputy Magistrate tests positive in Durgapur

Durgapur: On 26th June, one Dy. Magistrate/Dy. Collector of Durgapur Sub-Divisional Office tested positive in Durgapur.

After that, the samples of all the persons who came in his contact were collected and were sent for testing.

SDM of Durgapur Anirban Koley and 50 others were sent to home quarantine. This list included some other deputy magistrates as well.

Complete sanitization of the building was done and other offices were requested to be kept closed till Monday for the safety of the people.

The SD Office Building is also closed till Monday, 29th June.

According to various news reports, on Saturday night, 27th June, some of the test reports of the samples came.

In the reports, it was seen that one more deputy magistrate of the Durgapur Sub-divisional office was found positive.

He was immediately taken to the Malandighi Hospital for treatment. Others are still in home-quarantine.

Durgapur SDM Anirban Koley has said the media that as the office is closed till Monday, and others are still in home-quarantine, it will be decided tomorrow about what needs to be done and when the Office will open again.

Test reports of others are still not known.

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