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Owner tested positive but still kept shop open in Durgapur – License Suspended

Durgapur: The Durgapur Municipal Corporation has decided to suspend the Trade License of a famous cloth store in Durgapur Station Bazar.

According to some sources, the Durgapur Municipal Corporation had already put a notice about the suspension outside the “Kanta Cloth Store”.

They said they have taken this decision as the owner continued to run the business even after getting infected by COVID-19.

DMC had said that the suspension notice on the store will only be lifted when they will get clearance from the Health Department of West Bengal Government.

A few days ago, the owner of the shop, tested positive to COVID-19.

After a day or two, 5 more members of his family tested positive for the virus. This resulted in a state of panic in the Station Bazar and Karangapara area.

The Durgapur Station Bazar Shop Owners Association held a meeting and decided to keep the market closed for 7 days.

The area was sealed of and the Station Bazar area along with Karangapara area was declared as a containment zone.

According to some news channels, the Mayor of Durgapur, Mr. Dilip Agasti had said that after inquiry he had found out that the owner of the store continued to do business even after being affected.

He also said that the owner didn’t follow the regulations that were issued by the government and it could have led to a community spread in the area.

Therefore this decision of temporary suspension of the Trade License was taken by DMC.

The Durgapur Station Bazar shop owners association had appreciated this decision of DMC.

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