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Press release of the dates of the upcoming elections!

Yesterday, a press release has been issued by the election commission for the coming municipalities election in the state.

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On behalf of them, it is been said that coming 13th August election will be held for 6 municipalities and 1 notified area.


Pic Credits: Aamarkatha

These municipalities are Dhupguri, Buniadpur, Panskura, Haldia, Durgapur, Nahati and the notified area is Cupurse Camp of Ranaghat. Besides, sub-election in Champdani municipality’s 12 no ward and Jhargram municipality’s 7th no ward will be conducted on the same day.

From 17th July candidates can collect the nomination papers and the submission date for the same is 24th July. Decided day for the withdrawal of the names is 27th July.

The results of the election will be published on 17th August.

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