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toto protest durgapur

Protest by Toto Owners in front of Durgapur Municipal Corporation

A huge protest took place against the Durgapur Municipal Corporation by the Toto drivers on Friday morning.

According to them, their Totos were allegedly being captured by the police on behalf of the Durgapur Municipal Corporation in spite of legal registration of their vehicles and are demanding fines.

They said that a few years before they were provided with a TIN(Temporary Identification Number) to 759 Totos to ply on the roads on Durgapur. The sales of Totos without this number was also restricted.

Even after this many people started to buy Totos from Ranigang and Burdwan and started to ply them on the roads of Durgapur.

For this reason, a part of the Toto owners requested DMC to take action against this illegal Totos. After this, the administration conducted regular raids to stop the illegal Totos from plying.

But suddenly from Tuesday, the police started capturing Totos even with TIN numbers and a fine of Rs. 540 was needed to free the Totos from the police station. They were told that the old Totos need to be disposed and new Totos needs to be bought. A specific shop for the purpose is also being mentioned.

This seizure of the Totos is causing a major problem in the daily earnings of the drivers.

The Toto drivers showed opposition by firstly taking a march from Gandhi more to Durgapur Municipal Corporation and then protested through strict aggression in front of DMC.

In addition to this they alarmed the administration that if they would continue to harass the Toto drivers further, they would do greater protest against it.

They stopped the protest after getting assurance from the DMC administration that the matter will be looked into. A written complaint has also been filed.

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