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Protest at DSP by Trade apprentice Trainees!

On tuesday nearly 300 trade apprentice trainees protested in Durgapur Steel Plant comprising of both men and women, demanding permanent job. 

On Tuesday, SAIL’s chairman PK Singh came to Durgapur Steel Plant. After hearing the news, they all gathered to bring it to the chairman’s notice and also brought a memorandum with them to the Durgapur Steel Plant Training Institute.

According to the sources, when they tried to meet him, they faced huge opposition from the CISF and the local police.

The Trainee Apprentice complained that the police misbehaved with them and even threatened them of Lathi Charge. 

They also complained that all these happened in front of the chairman’s eyes. Also that they started protesting till 8.30 PM in the evening, but still everything was in vain. 

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The chairman didn’t even meet them.

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