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Rapid test durgapur sd hospital

Rapid tests starts in Durgapur SD Hospital – See how many tested positive

Durgapur: Rapid antigen test started yesterday at Durgapur sub-divisional Hospital.

Previously, if a patient had symptoms of COVID, his/her swab sample was collected and were sent for testing.

It takes a minimum of 3 to 4 days for the report to come.

But, by that time a COVID positive patient came in contact with several nurses, doctors, and other patients pushing them at high risk of getting affected.

A few days earlier, some nursing staff and hospital staff were tested COVID positive in Durgapur sub-divisional Hospital.

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But with the help of a rapid antigen test kit it can be confirmed, if the patient is COVID positive or not within 15 minutes.

So there will be no risk of spreading.

The patients affected by COVID-19 can be shifted to isolation ward or in COVID hospital immediately.

According to sources, yesterday, 29th July, the swab samples of 25 individuals were tested with the help of this rapid antigen test kit. Among them, 4 were tested positive.

According to news reports, today, 30th July, more than 9 people have been tested positive in Durgapur SD Hospital from the rapid test.

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