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Highest single day cases

Highest single day spike in COVID cases in Paschim Bardhaman

Durgapur: Number of COVID cases is vigorously increasing in West Bengal.

Government of West Bengal has announced several containment zones in several districts.

But, people are not aware yet. Many of them are being seen in public places, without any personal protection.

The beds in government hospitals are not available in many places.

Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes are charging lumpsum amount of money for treatment.

Lots of people are losing their lives every day without treatment.

The West Bengal government on 18th July had reported the total number of cases in a single day in Paschim Bardhaman as 51.

This is according to the data updated on the government website on 19th July, 8PM.

This is the highest single day spike in the total number of COVID cases in Paschim Bardhaman.

It has overtaken the previous record of number of affected people in one day.

Till 18th July, a total of 372 cases were reported in total in Paschim Bardhaman.

A meeting was called for by the SDM of Durgapur yesterday and at the end of it, new rules were announced.

Awareness campaigns are being organised regularly in Paschim Bardhaman, but people are not aware yet.

Areas like Raniganj and parts of Durgapur, Asansol are hugely affected.

Yesterday, 19th July, a list of number of affected people in each district of West Bengal has been declared on the ministry of health website of the West Bengal government.

Total number of COVID affected people in West Bengal is 42,487, which has broken the record of yesterday being the highest 24 hour’s spike.

In term of most affected people in a single day, Kolkata is at the topmost position.

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