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Robbery in two flats in Bidisha Apartment!

Robbery in two flats in Bidisha Apartment in City Center, Durgapur. It is said that the robbers have looted things worth in lakhs.

The owner of the two flats Anima Panda and Alit Kumar Das was out of station for the last few days. The robbers took this advantage and robbed both the flats.

The robbery happened yesterday night. Today in the morning, a resident of the flat noticed the lock at the front door of those flats is broken. He immediately called the security guard of the apartment.

Later the police were called. Police from the City Center Police Station came to the spot. They enter the flat and saw everything was in mess. They immediately came to the conclusion that a robbery has taken place.

The owners of the flats are immediately informed.

The secretary of the Apartment Dr. P.K. Sarkar said, “It looks like things worth in lakhs are looted. The actual amount of loot can only be confirmed by the owners of the flats”.

It is surprising how two flats can be looted in an area like City Center. A question arises about the security of the area and how can such a big loot takes place in the presence of a security guard.

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