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Boy went missing on the way to school!

On Thursday at 5:30 a.m., a student of Ukhra Adarsha Hindi High School left for school, and is missing since then. 

Rahul Ram (13), a student of class VI and goes to Ukhra Adarsha High School, left his home early, for his school, and never returned. 

The resident of Moira Colliery, father Sanjay Ram is a mason by profession. 

According to him, Rahul goes to school by public bus every day. On the day of incidence, he left for school as usual but never returned. He never reached school, informed school authorities. 

Missing student’s uncle Rajesh Ram said, “Rahul was a good student. We never scolded him at home. We belong to an ordinary family, could not understand, who could have taken him.”

After school, Rahul’s father along with his family searched every possible place but to no avail. A missing diary was lodged in Andal Police Station. 

They are looking into the matter.

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