Solving Daily Equations, once the Vacation ends!

Solving Daily Equations, once the Vacation ends!

The standstill and the halt that approaches while you are left with just the memories of the Four days of celebration is somewhat enchanting and gloomy at the same time.

While you are still stuck at the enigma and petrifying beauty of the Agomoni and the cheerful few days, you are desperate for a long trail of 365 days line up for the next year celebrations. Unlike the cosmos which have rung in your ears for last few weeks, your “Shohor” has suddenly approached a massive silence as Maa departed yesterday afternoon for her heavenly abode.

While this end of authentic celebrations means the resume of Daily chores, it is somewhat emotional for the Bengalis as well as they connect not just through pomp and gala hours of fun and frolic but through a sole connectivity with oneself and the divinity. As the days pass by, they encounter another heap of puzzles to be solved and a load of tasks to be solicited as they must have gathered in huge numbers owing to customary Puja Vacations. Peer pressure from Clients and staffs roll in making the next few days a struggle to make the work schedule somewhat balanced and to bring the rails of life onto a steady pathway.

These days of laughter and merrymaking is somewhat an escape for people like you and me who actually connect to nothing except peace. Yes, we get to miss out on random collaborations, partying and chilling and the very reason being we hunt down these four days of our year to attain some peace within. That could be completely challenging when the world outside rings and blasts out in pomp and show, but yet we manage to make ourselves lonely and smoke a cigarette and watch a lot of Netflix. Indeed, we exist. Our existence is a synecdoche. It’s an abbreviation of restlessness and a synonym of being nutshelled.

We gather the courage to even mingle with a single person and when we have lots of time to spend on nothing, we are actually happy. We have to return to old school things in a day or two and we are quite prepared for that as its nothing but an equation out of multiple thousands of them. We get to solve one at a time, with the subject to our resolute self and constant agitation. The other few days are materialism to fight for oneself, the perseverance and our genuine existence in a sphere called Livelihood.

Written by Raunak Nayak

About the author:

Solving Daily Equations, once the Vacation ends!

He hails from Durgapur and is an Electrical Engineering Graduate student at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. He is a St.Xavier’s School, Durgapur Alumni and later did his +2 in HemSheela Model School. An unresolved Psychedelic within finds it hard to find a way when lost. A traveler through the mist and an explorer in fog, he has dug down different reasons of Psychological Crisis and Effects. An expert writer for Fiction/Non-Fiction often indulges in writing scripts for Corporates. An Entrepreneur by heart is often seen sitting down with an idea and often reaching nowhere with it. Stagnant, resolute, stubborn yet subtle with Life and its Discords. A celebrated Quoran, a hater of Cheap Social Media Engagements, is mostly involved in clarifying doubts of Science and it’s Logic.


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