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Some services at DSP Hospital will not be available for 15 days

Durgapur: In a new notification released by the Durgapur Steel Plant main hospital, the administration has decided to scale down certain services due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases amongst health workers.


According to the notification, the M&HS department will reduce some of its services from 17.01.2022. This includes all OPD services, that will not be available for a period of 15 days, starting from 17.01.2022.

Along with that, planned surgeries will also be suspended from 17.01.2022, Monday.

However, emergency services (OPD/Ward), Health Centers, OHS/PMU, and fever clinics will remain functional.

The notification was released after an increase in the number of COVID cases among health workers at DSP Main Hospital.

According to news sources, 17 doctors from various departments of the DSP main hospital are affected by COVID.


A total of 55 health workers are either affected or a member of their family is affected by COVID.

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