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Durgapur pocket Zones

Special “Pocket Zones” to be set up in Durgapur

Durgapur: The COVID cases in Durgapur are constantly on the rise. Many areas all across Durgapur already have a high number of cases, and new areas are getting added to the list every day.

In order to contain the spread, the Durgapur Sub – Division have come up with a new initiative.

Durgapur Municipal Corporation, Health Department, and Durgapur Sub Division will be setting up special pocket zones across various areas in Durgapur to raise awareness about COVID.

These “Pocket zones” will be set after surveying different areas for 15-20 days.

According to few news reports, many areas such as Vidyasagar Pally, Natun Pally of Benachity, Karangapara, some areas of MAMC township, Rana Pratap Road, and some other areas are already selected to be made “pocket zones”.

District health departments as well as block officials will soon visit these areas in order to raise awareness about the increase in the number of COVID cases in those areas and the importance of wearing masks.

A new tablo car is also inaugurated by SDM, Anirban Koley on Thursday. This tablo will go around the city and will supply masks and sanitizers to all passersby who will not be wearing masks.

On 2nd September, due to the increase in the cases, the Gopalmath area of Durgapur went under complete lockdown for three days. One area was declared as a containment zone as well.

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