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Spend Rs 4,500 to get your JioPhone for free !

On July 21, 2017, Reliance Industries Chairman and MD, Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of a revolutionary device, JioPhone, at the company’s AGM event.

He announced that the JioPhone would be available effectively for free.

This, quite obviously, created a flurry across the country, and people have ever since been eagerly waiting to get their “free phone” delivered to them.

But, the recently disclosed terms and conditions reveal that there’s a lot more to this “epic” deal.

As promised before, customers would be liable for a full refund of Rs 1,500 after 3 years – or 36 months – of usage.

But if you wish to return the device before that, there are early return charges that will be deducted from your security deposit.


JioPhone Penalty Charged thumb


The charges are Rs 1,500 on return up to 12 months of delivery, Rs 1,000 from 12-24 months and Rs 500 for 24-36 months from delivery.


But why would you want to return the device when you can wait for three years? Confused, right?


Well, the new terms and conditions also mention the fact that you need to recharge your locked SIM card with a minimum of Rs 1,500 worth of packs every year!

**So, you will need to spend at least Rs 4,500 for the duration of 3 years in order to be eligible to get a refund on the deposit.

That’s not all; if you fail to recharge the SIM with the minimum amount, Jio will “repossess” the device and you will be charged the early return charges, plus tax.

Now you know, anything good doesn’t come free!


Source : Killer Features


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