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Story of a Durgapur born boy, who is now a millionaire!

Today we are going to tell the inspirational journey of a Durgapur born boy who once earned Rs.15/day, and went on to become a Millionaire!

Sudip Dutta, a name less heard. But his story is quite inspirational. After the death of his army-man father and his elder brother, 16-year old Sudip has no other option but to move from Durgapur to Mumbai in search of work as he became the only provider for his family.

He started working in a factory as a labourer, making Rs.15/day.

After the death of his father from bullet wounds during the Bangladeshi Liberation War of 1971, his elder brother also passed away from illness. He was left alone with his mother and four younger siblings to take care of.

The options in front of him were to either pull a rickshaw or wait in a restaurant in Durgapur. But he decided to fight his destiny and move to Mumbai, the city of dreams.

In Mumbai, Sudip started working as a labourer in a packaging factory for the next few years. He lived in a room with 20 other people and walked to work daily to save money. Two years later the owner of the factory decided to shut down the factory as it was making losses. But Sudi decides to take over the factory. He paid Rs.16000 to the owner a signed a profit sharing agreement with the owner.

But at the time there were industry giants like India Foils and Jindal Ltd. and thus Sudip was relatively unknown at that time. So in over to cut out the competition, he concentrated on the rising pharmaceutical industry in their flexible packing needs and soon become big.

In November 2008, Sudip bought India Foils from Vedanta for Rs.130 Crore. This made him and his company Ess Dee Aluminium a forerunner in the industry.

Today is company Ess Dee Aluminium is valued at more than Rs.1600 Crore.


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