Suspicious death of a housewife in SEPCO!

Yesterday, a suspicious death of a housewife in Sepco has resulted in many controversies in the area.

The body of the victim Banashree Maji was found hanging from the grill of the window of the 2nd floor of their house. The Police were informed and the body was brought down.

The family of the victim was informed at about 3:10 P.M. and was said that their daughter had committed suicide.

However, the family of the victim claimed that their daughter was killed and hanged by her in-laws.

According to the sources, the victim named Banashree Maji was married to Subhodeep Maji, a resident of Sepco Township in the year 2011. Banashree was the elder Daughter of retired DTPS employee, Makin Chandra Dwan. Subhodeep Maji was the son of Manik Maji, a contractor.

During their marriage, Banashree’s family gave 3lakh in cash along with lots of Gold ornaments and other things including Bed, Dressing table, and lots more.

Her family also complained that even after giving so many things during the marriage, her in-laws used to torture her both mentally and physically and demanded cash.

They have also lodged a FIR against Manik Maji and his family claiming that her daughter was murdered by them for the demand of money.

Copy of the FIR

In the FIR he mentioned that his daughter didn’t want to disclose the demand of her in-laws to her family but was later forced to do so.

In reference to the complaint, the police have arrested the victim’s Father-in-law, Manik Maji, today.

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