The next reason to celebrate, Kali Puja!

The next reason to celebrate, Kali Puja!

The tenderness in the air lost its vibrancy as people settled down after the “socially distant” Durga Puja.

For some, it was all about resuming their daily “Work from Home” schedules and for the rest, it was a little more prominent, i.e., the scooping out of Celebration vibes and then returning to the lane of life, it’s daily chores, and regular scheduling of works.

But as we know Bangla and Bangali are such a genre of people and their Land, which is always searching for reasons to rejoice and moments to bring back the Full-throttle mood.

It is very strict about Bengalis that they get to find attachment in everything. Be it a festivity, be it Football, Cricket, even with Chingri and Hilsa Fish for that matter.

While the emotions and feelings, that keep the Bong Community waiting for a Calender year, come to a steady halt with the immersion of the Idol, these people are already head-over-heels in search of the next reason to celebrate.

And obviously, as we know that with the end of the glamorous Maa Durga Aradhana, there are glimpses of Diwali and Maa Kali arriving at our Pandals nearby.

Though not celebrated with such enigmatic pomp and show as done for the Durga Puja and Dusshera days, Kali Puja is also provided a good stage of emotions and in recent years, people have accepted it as a Major Festival.

Diwali, the show of flares and exhilarating firecrackers, makes the environment cheerful but at the same time compromises with the Health and Aesthetics of the Ecology around. But this year, due to the present situation, the Calcutta High Court has requested not to use firecrackers for our safety.

While Kali Puja and Diwali are en route and will be with us next week, let’s take a pledge of not destroying the atmosphere further or put the lives of others at risk this year; instead, try to build more happiness around our life.

Just like Maa Kali fights the real darkness of the world, we take a resolution to fight this ongoing siuation together. Let’s promise an overall growth towards self and sustenance so that the good times get better.

Written by Raunak Nayak

About the author:

The next reason to celebrate, Kali Puja!

He hails from Durgapur and is an Electrical Engineering Graduate student at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. He is a St.Xavier’s School, Durgapur Alumni and later did his +2 in HemSheela Model School. An unresolved Psychedelic within finds it hard to find a way when lost. A traveler through the mist and an explorer in fog, he has dug down different reasons of Psychological Crisis and Effects. An expert writer for Fiction/Non-Fiction often indulges in writing scripts for Corporates. An Entrepreneur by heart is often seen sitting down with an idea and often reaching nowhere with it. Stagnant, resolute, stubborn yet subtle with Life and its Discords. A celebrated Quoran, a hater of Cheap Social Media Engagements, is mostly involved in clarifying doubts of Science and it’s Logic.

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