They don't get to celebrate, so that we can

They don’t get to celebrate, so that we can

DurgaPuja like you all are aware of is the Festival of usher happiness, fun, and frolic for people in West Bengal(mainly).

During these 9 odd days, people mostly forget cultural differences they carry and tend to align with one another in order to experience joyfulness to the extreme level. While people in and around Bengal are busy observing Festivity Mood, there are few people who don’t get to enjoy these hours of Saptami to Dashami with their beloved ones, their Family Members.

The reason being they have to do mundane and tedious works to put a smile on our faces so that our Celebrations are complete and concrete. They are least bothered about their individual happiness as they dedicate all the hours of this once-in-a-year happening Grandeur, DurgaPuja. They are Human Beings like we are, made of flesh and blood, toiling hard to earn and please their families.

Even then they compromise on their joyous moments just to earn some extra cash, to accommodate happiness for his close ones. This might be by buying them a pair of shoes, a new cloth, a wristwatch or a cell-phone. Let’s commemorate their hardships while we sail an aura of understanding and cooperation this Durga Puja.

The next time you meet a shopkeeper, a chef in a restaurant, a waiter, a cobbler, a policeman, a traffic regulator, idol sculptors, and craftsmen, say them a Big ThankYou, for they are accommodating your happiness. If they weren’t there to take charge of your incomplete things, you could have never impressed your loved ones. Make sure you don’t ill-behave with them without a reason, as they are investing in the only joyous time of the year in making a fruitful time for you and your dear ones.

Written by Raunak Nayak

About the author:

They don't get to celebrate, so that we can

He resides in Durgapur and is presently an Under-Graduate student of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College in the field of Electrical Engineering. He is a St.Xavier’s School, Durgapur Alumni and later did his +2 in HemSheela Model School. He writes short tales, scribbles and loves to pen his thoughts in almost every occasion. He writes down the columns for Beauty of Durgapur and is highly experienced in Content Writing, Creative Writing, and Motivational Writeups. He is a budding Entrepreneur as well and is always searching for people who think alike. He is an orator, speaker, technology enthusiast and a true Durgapurian by heart. Stay connected for his upcoming contributions.


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