They work to make our Puja better: Dhaakis

They work to make our Puja better: Dhaakis

Firstly, Subho MahaAshtami Folks!
Overwhelming celebrations entail our feelings for a chastity such devine, when the Holy soul of Maa Durga resides within, embarking solidification of our Fragile selves. On the other Hand, there still remains a certain genre of people who have their complete toil invested to make the vibes of Puja even more electrifying by keeping the volume loud and the “Dhaaker-Taale” rolling all day long.
Yes, I am talking of those people who represent the group of “Dhaakis”, or the “Dhak playing people”. Enlightening our auspicious occasion of glee with exhilarating beats of the Dhak, they illuminate the scene starting from the Saptami-er Arati to Dashami-er Bhasan. We are so fascinated by the soothing tune of the Instrument being played that Durga Puja has a collateral by the name of “Dhak-Bajano”. But ever thought about their Pujo celebrations when we are on full pumper up mode to reflect the best of self, they are in the Thakur-Dalan or Puja Pandal playing the “Baddyojontro”/”Instrument” all day long.
They obviously get paid for their work but what about their feelings or wish to celebrate. Actually, if you dive in and talk to them, they have a stagnated mindset towards observation of these few days and that is to earn some extra cash as this Festive Occasion is possibly the only Peak-Earning time for these people. For them, it’s a time to settle some bits and scraps of their livelihood for another year around the calendar.
They are happy for the Meal they receive apart from the cash, and possibly some liquor at the end of the Dashami Bhasan. They are always pumped up and ready to deliver the best, having put on themselves an attire resembling the Celebrations, their Dhaaks covered in silk and linen with few strings of Kaash Full plucked in the corners centering the Theme of Durga Puja.
That’s a whole lot different world of celebration when you push yourselves a little more for benefiting your Family situations and engage in prompt business with your Instrument. It’s so much better to experience joy by delivering work, establishing beautification of the Mood around while they see happiness in our eyes.

Written by Raunak Nayak

About the author:

They work to make our Puja better: Dhaakis

He hails from Durgapur and is an Electrical Engineering Graduate student at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. He is a St.Xavier’s School, Durgapur Alumni and later did his +2 in HemSheela Model School. An unresolved Psychedelic within finds it hard to find a way when lost. A traveler through the mist and an explorer in fog, he has dug down different reasons of Psychological Crisis and Effects. An expert writer for Fiction/Non-Fiction often indulges in writing scripts for Corporates. An Entrepreneur by heart is often seen sitting down with an idea and often reaching nowhere with it. Stagnant, resolute, stubborn yet subtle with Life and its Discords. A celebrated Quoran, a hater of Cheap Social Media Engagements, is mostly involved in clarifying doubts of Science and it’s Logic.


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