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Three wards often gets waterlogged in rainfall!

Three wards in Durgapur has again been affected by heavy rain. Water is entering into the houses. 

About 500 families in the area is underwater.

Till now, the drainage system of Durgapur is not normal along the trunk road with the drainage of 20, 19 and 21 wards, along with a drain on the side of the national highway.

From there, the water use to go to Damodar. 

However, during the expansion of the national Highway, the water could not be properly released as the drainage got closed due to construction of the 

road. As a result, the water is entering into these areas. 

Naturally, in 19no. Ward of Durgapur, Ramkrishnapalli, Saradapalli, in addition to Sarasapalli ward number 20 has been affected by the excessive water and it is entering into the houses. As a result local resident is in currently in huge distress. 

Local residents complained that the National Road Authority did not think of the residents of the ward to build a alternate sewage during the expansion of the road. 

Also some contractors filled the drains beside the highway by soil. Therefore, the water can not go properly.

Durgapur municipal corporation is however talking with the National Road Authority about the issue. However, due to the constant rain they could not start to work again.

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