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Total cAses durgapur

Total Number of COVID cases in Durgapur crossed 100 – See complete details

Durgapur: Every day thousands of new cases are getting recorded in India as well as West Bengal.

In Paschim Bardhaman, 482 people have been tested positive till date. Out of which 237 people has been discharged.

When it comes to Durgapur, according to some news reports, the number of total cases till date is 139.

But, thankfully, there is no news of death due to COVID anywhere in Durgapur.

Its been about two months since the first case in Durgapur was reported in May.

In the last few days, several positive cases have been reported in Durgapur.

According to local sources, at A zone, B zone and C zone 7, 10 and 1 people have been tested positive respectively in the last few days.

The number of newly reported cases in the last few days in other areas are – 13 in City Center, 7 in Bidhan Nagar, 1 in Arjunpur, 7 in Benachity, 7 in ABL township and Mamra, 4 in Jemoya, 2 in Kamalpur, 2 in Dpl colony, 1 in Angadpur, 4 in SEPCO, 1 in 54 foot, 2 in Mayabazar and 1 in Gopalmath.

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Containment zones were also declared in Sepco, Benachity, three areas of City Center and Bidhannagar.

Also, last week one nursing superintendent, five nurses, and one ambulance driver were tested positive in Durgapur SD Hospital.

The whole Durgapur Sub-divisional Hospital was sanitized immediately.

According to medical Bulletin released by the West Bengal government, Paschim Bardhaman has overtaken Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia in number of active cases in South Bengal.

Recently police has started to take strict action against the people who are seen roaming in the streets of Durgapur without masks.

Several has been arrested.

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