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Traffic Durgapur barrage

Traffic on Durgapur Barrage to remain closed on Monday – See Timings and details

Update as of 2nd November: Traffic Ban lifted as work has not been started yet. Read in Details.

Durgapur: The repairing work of Gate no. 31 of Durgapur Barrage started on Sunday evening after all the water from the barrage was drained out.

For the purpose of the repairing, sacks of sands are being set to form a barricade and a temporary pathway to reach the gate.

According to the sources, the members of the Irrigation department expects that the process of building this temporary path will be completed by tomorrow morning.

After that the main repairing work of the gate will start.

For the purpose of repairing, the Office of the Bankura District Magistrate has issued a notice that all vehicles, as well as pedestrians, will not be allowed on Durgapur Barrage on Monday, according to news sources.

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Traffic on Durgapur Barrage will remain closed from 10AM to 2:30 PM on 2nd November 2020.

The repairing work was expected to start on Sunday morning, but it was delayed because the water did not drain out completely until late evening.

Everyone involved with the repairing work of this gate is working endlessly to make it happen as soon as possible.

The authorities have assured that everything will be normal by Wednesday, but when the situation will actually be normal is still not known.

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