Two men caught with illegal weapons in Andal!

After getting information from the secret sources, the police arrested two men along the some illegal weapons. 

They had been taken to the Durgapur court on Saturday.

According to the sources, on 4th August, in the evening the police stopped 2 persons on the NH2.

Two pipe guns and some ammos was recovered from them. 

The culprits were Mohhammed Sarfaroz Ansari (20) and Omah Abu Tanbir (20).

They were the resident of Kumardubi, Chirkunda in Jharkhand. According to the investigation done, they said, they came to supply arms in the area. 

But information about the arms buyer is not known till date. 

According to the last news we got, Police is trying to investigate more about this, whereas the two has been brought up to the court on 5th.

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