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New containment zones durgapur

Two new containment zones announced in Durgapur

Durgapur: The number of Containment zones are increasing across West Bengal.

After the containment zones announced in Sepco Township area and Benachity, now two new containment zones are announced in Durgapur.

These new containment zones are announced in the City Center area of Durgapur.

According to sources, after Sepco and Benachity, Maxmuller Path and Ahalyabai Path of City Center area was declared as containment zone yesterday, 19th July.

This decision was taken after a medical representative and her family tests positive in Maxmuller Path.

A doctor and his family also tested positive at Ahalya Bhai Path.

For this reason these areas were declared as containment zones.

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According to reports, yesterday, some more cases were reported in other parts of Durgapur.

Some of them are reported in the areas of B-Zone, Gopalmath, Mamra Bazar and Benachity.

Recently, with the sudden spike in the number of positive cases in the state, the West Bengal government will impose a two days complete lockdown every week.

This might help in containing the spread.

The West Bengal State Home Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay, on a press conference on Monday, also said that they are assuming Community spread have already started in some areas of West Bengal.

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