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Restrictions in durgapur water supply cover

Water supply restrictions in Durgapur for 3 days

Durgapur: The Durgapur Municipal Corporation on Sunday has announced that the water supply from Durgapur Barrage will be restricted on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The announcement was done by miking in various areas of Durgapur.

They have stated that water will only be supplied once a day, i.e., either in the morning or in the evening in Durgapur Steel Township and other parts of Durgapur during these 3 days.

This is due to the replacement of two lock gates that were previously repaired by the Irrigation department. Traffic will also be restricted on Durgapur Barrage from 11 PM to 4 AM on 8th and 9th March 2021 for the same reason.

Water is generally supplied twice a day from Durgapur Barrage to various parts of Durgapur by DMC.

Previously traffic was restricted on the Durgapur Barrage due to the routined inspection of the Durgapur Barrage from 1st February to 13th February and then for 24 hours on 14th February.

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