Durgapur: The Rhythm that rings in Me and You! (Part 2)

Durgapur: The Rhythm that rings in Me and You! (Part 2)

I have been through loneliness, submerged in the pain of desolation and alienation. 

I took the lonely sidewalks to stay unnoticed mostly. 

I took the road by the side of A-Zone Main Hospital that leads to Bhabha and the huge trees with their shades provided me the maximum peace, familiar sights couldn’t. 

I kept walking until I arrived a shade under a banyan tree which offered me some place to write the next part of my story.

Durgapur never disappointed any individual, be it in a pompous mood or a disturbed mind in search of some peace. Durgapur is for everyone. 

“Welcome to Durgapur”

To be continued!

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Written by Raunak Nayak

About the author:

Durgapur: The Rhythm that rings in Me and You! (Part 2)

He resides in Durgapur and is presently an Under-Graduate student of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College in the field of Electrical Engineering. He is a St.Xavier’s School, Durgapur Alumni and later did his +2 in HemSheela Model School. He writes short tales, scribbles and loves to pen his thoughts in almost every occasion. He writes down the columns for Beauty of Durgapur and is highly experienced in Content Writing, Creative Writing, and Motivational Writeups. He is a budding Entrepreneur as well and is always searching for people who think alike. He is an orator, speaker, technological enthusiast and a true Durgapurian by heart. Stay connected for his upcoming contributions.

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